Urban surroundings

A selection of photos I took with my fathers Leica M4 during this year. The first four a taken in Utrecht, where I live and the last two I took in the dunes where I collected dung and plants for a research.

Urban surroundingsUrban surroundingsUrban surroundingsUrban surroundings
Urban surroundingsUrban surroundings

I find these patterns and repetitions in human made landscapes very interesting.


Another summer

Summer cannot only exist of travelling, at least not for me. Probably half of the time I was at home.

Another summerAnother summerAnother summerAnother summerAnother summerAnother summer

Or visiting my grandmother, my sister, my brother or my parents. Have a great weekend!


hello, september

hello septemberhello septemberhello septemberhello septemberhello september

Wow, it is the first of September. The normal life starts again, at least that is my association with September.

At the end of July I worked two days in an ecological pick-it-yourself-garden. The atmosphere in this place is so good. Everything looks so healthy, the soil, the flowers, the vegetables. This might be something I want to set up too when the time is there. These photos were taken with my Mamiya 645.


Austria VI

So far these are the last Austria photos I want to share. There are some photos left in the filmroll that is still loaded in my (fathers) Leica. I had problems choosing which camera I would take with me to Austria. Since we would go hiking, it shouldn't be too heavy to carry around. I took the Leica M4 to Morocco last winter and it worked so well there, that I decided to take that one again. And a 35mm lens for landscapes and a 90mm lens for portraits. It is the lightest and probably the best stuff I can use.

Austria VIAustria VIAustria VIAustria VI

The last day in the mountains we had to walk back to a bus stop in the valley. We knew it was far, but we thought it wouldn't be too far and not too steep etcetera. But then, my knees started to hurt. It was a painful day, and we got some rain, but also sun. The evening on the campsite was the first evening we could actually eat outside.


Austria V

The fifth day began cloudy, but we knew it would become sunny and it did. The landscape looked totally different, I no longer had the feeling that we were walking in the Scottish highlands.

Austria VAustria VAustria VAustria V

We walked back the mountain hut we slept in during the first night. We had the same Bergsteigeressen as the first evening, but at least with a bit of salad.

These days I am staying in The Hague until the summer holidays are over. Actually I am looking forward to start again. I will be working on a project on sustainable urban development in Amsterdam in the first few months. Not quite sure what kind of project it will be, but it will have something to do with biodiversity / ecology / energy in the urban area.


Austria IV

Slowly we began to see the surroundings, the mountains, although not the highest parts. We could sit down for a break without getting wet.

Austria IVAustria IVAustria IVAustria IV

But the paths were still streams and sometimes we had to cross rivers that you could not cross without getting wet shoes. But then, eating Apfelstrudel in the next hut was the best we could do.


Austria III

Austria IIIAustria IIIAustria IIIAustria IIIAustria III

We were still in the clouds the day after, and in the rain. It was a quick walk to the next mountain hut and we had 'Kaiserschmarrn' and sat inside for the rest of the day. The next day we climbed up to the clouds again, no view at the highest point, but the route led us into a valley and slowly the mist started to disappear.


Austria II

A while ago I posted the first batch of photos I made in Austria. Last week I was camping on Terschelling, an island in the Waddensea. The rain was pooring down on us and the first night was so horrible, because of the lightnings and thunders. But back to the Alps now...

Austria IIAustria IIAustria IIAustria IIAustria II

Clouds were surrounding us even in the forest on our second day of hiking. We left our tent in the valley and climbed to a mountain hut. There were lots of streams, silence, views, no views, rain, sun, interesting flora, marmots, cows. We were happy when we arrived at the mountain hut. We were in the mist that evening, just white (or grey) clouds when we looked out of the window.


Austria I

As always, a series about a place I visited lately:

Austria IAustria IAustria IAustria I

The first day we took the bus from the valley up to the Silvretta-Stausee. There were a lot of people taking the same walk as we did, up to the Heidelberger Hütte. The flora was so rich up there. A spectacular thing was the delta that had formed in the artificial lake. Braided rivers coming from the glaciers had deposited fine material there. Even more spectacular to see were those glaciers (or what was left of them) in the highest parts of the mountains. On the way back thick mist and rain came blocking our view, but it was still beautiful.




Two weeks ago I was waiting behind the curtains that covered my windows to leave to the mountains. It was as hot as summer can be and there was not much I could do. Sometimes this space / vacuum is necessary to clear my head. I looked outside and the only thing I could see were the shadows of plants.