Although I feel so tired from having holidays (I don't know what it is, but at least it helps slowing down), I made a pizza tonight. The ripe tomatoes and zucchini on my balcony told me what I had to cook. :)

good foodgood food




A huge pile of photos! I went to a Dutch isle, Texel, for a course about the Waddensea. It was very interesting. We went on a research vessel and took all kinds of samples from the sea. I saw phytoplankton through the microscope, so beautiful! We did a small research in a bay (the Mokbaai) with a large oyster bed and we looked at awesome bacteria living in the sediment. I did not go there to take photos as there was almost no time, but I did wander around the research centre in the evenings to breath in the sea air. I also met a psycho cat.

Luckily summer holidays have started now. Last week I cycled all the way to my sister (80 km) to swim in the North Sea the day after. In a week I will travel to Austria to go hiking.

Enjoy these green, warm months (at least if you are on the northern hemisphere).


Zenit B again


I found this shell in dunes last spring.

The first year of my master is almost over, almost. The last mile is the longest one.
In July there is plenty of time. What shall I do? Travel somewhere on my own? Go wwoofing (in Sweden, to practise my Swedish)? Or cycling? Do you have a suggestion? :)

// I am thinking of hiking a part of the Kungsleden on my own. Do or don't? With tent or sleeping in mountain cabins? //

What are your plans for summer?


More Zenit B

Zenit BZenit BZenit B

When I would have been earlier in the year in this part of Amelisweerd, the forest would have looked blue from these bluebells. Next year...




More photographs taken in Utrecht with my old Zenit B. The light was great last week. It is raining again, but warm and the plants on my balcony (strawberries, pods) are happy with the water. Have a good week!



Hi springHi springHi springHi springHi spring

Lately I used my old Zenit B again. I find it difficult to look for interesting photos. Often I end up taking the same uninspiring, cliche-ish photos as I took before. Of course sunsets and flowers are nice, but then, hundreds of thousands of photos are taken each day of them. Just annoying myself with some kind of perfectionism. I need a little break.

I am quite happy with a portrait I took of my sister some time ago. You can find it here.



rainy spring

Because it is so rainy and windy here, a photo from last autumn.



This is my sister's cat, Alpja. She loves playing with plants and hiding behind them.

It's a busy period. My research on the European bison takes a lot of time (I like it), I have to follow a course on Climate Change (nothing new, but still interesting), I tried to write again and to take photos. It is also time to think about the summer. Any suggestions? My boyfriend and I want to visit the Alps, but I probably have a lot of time left to do other things. Maybe visit a festival somewhere or do voluntary work on an organic farm?


closed on a Saturday afternoon

closed on a Saturday afternoonclosed on a Saturday afternoonclosed on a Saturday afternoonclosed on a Saturday afternoonclosed on a Saturday afternoon

Two weeks ago I cycled to this playing ground, which was full of people searching for a toilet. But everything was closed and it looked as if everything came from another era. Taken with my fathers Leica.


Mamiya 1

Mamiya 1Mamiya 1Mamiya 1Mamiya 1Mamiya 1Mamiya 1

A few weeks ago I got my hands on a new (old) camera, a Mamiya 645. I had been looking for a medium format camera for a long time and this one came on my path. Although the colours are horrible (so dark), the prints are very sharp (this was the first time my photos were developed in this lab, next time I chose the more expensive one again which was always fine). I am glad she works properly and I cannot wait to make more photos with her.

These photos were all taken in my neighbourhood in Utrecht. It is a quiet surrounding (although surrounded by three highways and a railroad) and I like the way people put styled bushes and trees in their front gardens (so boring, but better than gravel).