closed on a Saturday afternoon

closed on a Saturday afternoonclosed on a Saturday afternoonclosed on a Saturday afternoonclosed on a Saturday afternoonclosed on a Saturday afternoon

Two weeks ago I cycled to this playing ground, which was full of people searching for a toilet. But everything was closed and it looked as if everything came from another era. Taken with my fathers Leica.


Mamiya 1

Mamiya 1Mamiya 1Mamiya 1Mamiya 1Mamiya 1Mamiya 1

A few weeks ago I got my hands on a new (old) camera, a Mamiya 645. I had been looking for a medium format camera for a long time and this one came on my path. Although the colours are horrible (so dark), the prints are very sharp (this was the first time my photos were developed in this lab, next time I chose the more expensive one again which was always fine). I am glad she works properly and I cannot wait to make more photos with her.

These photos were all taken in my neighbourhood in Utrecht. It is a quiet surrounding (although surrounded by three highways and a railroad) and I like the way people put styled bushes and trees in their front gardens (so boring, but better than gravel).

Morocco VII

Finally I got the last batch of photos I made in Morocco last January. Most of these are made during a walk up in the hills. It was very rainy and cold the last day (imagine houses without heating, sitting under blankets with many layers of clothes to keep warm), but we went for the nice view. The dogs followed us all the way up. My friend found two beautiful fossils, just by walking past them. It was a great time to remember. Actually I was staying at the Berber Cultural Center in a very small village. If you ever visit Morocco, this place is real and is not run by people with fake friendliness.

Morocco VIIMorocco VIIMorocco VIIMorocco VIIMorocco VII

Currently I am working on a research project for my master. It takes a lot of time and effort, but I like it, especially collecting my data (among them: European bison dung) in the field. I have been outside for three days in the Dutch coastal dunes. :)



A visit to the Mookerheide with my parents. It was a lovely day in January and we were looking for Parrot Crossbills. It turned out that we were in the wrong area, but for that wasn't a problem. :)


Soesterduinen II

Do you remember these photos?
That day I also carried my Leica M4 in my backpack. Here are some of the photos I took.





Spring says hello today, and especially yesterday, but also the day before yesterday. I made the photos above last Wednesday around the corner of my house. Yesterday I helped my parents with their vegetable garden. Maybe I will post some photos thereof later this week.

I cannot belief how excited I am about the visoflex (which turns a leica into a SLR-camera) and the 200mm lens (that can be used with the visoflex), and a bellow for macro-photography that my mom found in an old shoebox. She knew that these had to be somewhere. It didn't fit into my bag and I already got some strawberry plants from her to carry home, so it will take while before I can try and use them.


Playgrounds are colourful places, but they also remind me of the scratches and bruises I got when I was a kid.


a few photos from last autumn


Hello March! The long autumn is over and here are some photos from Amelisweerd in November. The sugar peas start germinating already. And I just saw two bullfinches flying past my kitchen window. :)



// a walk


Spring is back in town, but I got a nasty cold. Last week I made a walk in the old parts of Utrecht and took a camera with me. There are so many beautiful doors, houses, gardens etc. Also lots of bricks, a little bit of green would fit good to the city.


Morocco VI

// to the market

Morocco VIMorocco VIMorocco VIMorocco VI

We visited another market to have breakfast in a Berber tent and to buy a rooster. The breakfast was always with sweet green tea and fresh bread with olive oil. We would eat the rooster in the tajine for lunch, so we carried it along the road back to the guest house. In the back garden it was killed while I was holding it. It was not for fun that I wanted to help, but because in an way I think it is hypocritical to eat meat and not have the guts to kill an animal (I had been vegetarian for a while, but since I am allergic to soy, nuts and wheat, it didn't work out well). It may sound crude, but I think this rooster had a good life and the way animals are treated in western Europe is much more inhumane. The tajine was very good in the end.

The last photo was taken in the kitchen and I think it came out very well. The rest of my photos is still in my camera on the film roll. I am a little bored to take pictures of the places I already photographed too often, so I have to look for new things, take photos at night or visit new places. :)


Morocco V

// another walk

Morocco VMorocco VMorocco VMorocco VMorocco V

After a view days it started raining and many more mountain tops were covered with snow. Still we could cross the river and walk back to the place where we stayed.