Texel i

Texel iTexel iTexel iTexel i

Two weeks ago I visited the Frisian isle of Texel. It was great.
I am quite happy with the birds.

Sorry for the awful last scan.


Something different

something different

something different

Finding a new haircut in the middle of nowhere a few weeks ago. And a carpet. Something different, but these two photos have something in common too.


Heidestein 2014 II

That evening was truly magnificent. These photos were taken with my Mamiya 645. It was a good experience to use her outside the city. A tumulus!

Heidestein 2014 II
Heidestein 2014 IIHeidestein 2014 IIHeidestein 2014 IIHeidestein 2014 II

I often try to tell more than just simply plain, nice photos and I don't have the feeling that I really succeed. At least not in the form of a project. Taking photos of nice places and landscapes and people, isn't that what we all do? I wonder how I can do something different, showing things that are new and surprising. It takes time to figure out what I really want to tell. I do take photos of strange, random things I encounter, without creating them myself, other kind of photos than I show here. I also have the feeling that those kind of photos do not fit on a blog like this.

Do you know photographers that showed you new perspectives?


Heidestein 2014 I

It must have been only a few weeks ago that it was super warm for October and B. and I decided to take our dinner to Heidestein and watch the sun set. I had the feeling that I could finally breath. You might recognise the place from one of the photos in this post.

Heidestein 2014 IHeidestein 2014 IHeidestein 2014 IHeidestein 2014 IHeidestein 2014 IHeidestein 2014 I

It is so nice to look back at these photos in busy times, like last week. A few hours ago I finished my exam. I'll be off to the island of Texel for a few days. I hope to make some interesting landscape photos in black-and-white with long shutter speeds.


Hi November!

This is autumn.

hi novemberhi novemberhi november

The forests are full with people, because summer doesn't really leave us. I love the melancholy that comes with this season. I took these with my analogue Nikon and a nikkor 50/1.4 lens.




Since the photos I took during the last months haven't been developed yet (but hopefully by tomorrow ;P), I will share a few photos I took with my phone. It is a poor excuse to write a new post here, but I hope you still like it.


But, despite a busy period, I went a few times to Scheveningen at the Dutch coast (see also Scheveningen). The first and third photo were taken there. The first time we saw harbour porpoises and a lot of sea birds. And the last time we didn't see anything, because it was so stormy, but a turbulent sea and these ruddy turnstones Arenaria interpres on the rocks that were probably trying to shelter from the wind. I am in love with the little lighthouse (and with lighthouses in general).
And the second photo was taken on a warm October evening when we had dinner in the woods. I will go there again and hope that the mist will come then which turns the landscape into a magical place.

So somewhere this week or in the weekend I hope to be able to show you some scanned analogue photos. :)


a bit of summer

now that autumn has really started. We celebrated B's birthday on the beach.

a bit of summera bit of summera bit of summera bit of summer

This afternoon I will go gathering walnuts. I don't have much to write about. Studying takes a lot of time. :) I am currently looking for a master thesis topic. Would love to do something on climate change and biodiversity in the arctic. So if anyone has a suggestion.... :)



Somewhere in the beginning of September, on a Sunday, I went to Amsterdam with B.


We had the best apple pie at the Noordermarkt. The sad thing is that I always get stressed from all those people (like ants) in cities. I prefer quiet places, but still I love the capital of my country.


Austria VII

Here you find the very last bunch of photos taken in the Austrian Alps this summer. It was the day we walked back to the valley, 17 km. My knees hurt so much (I already wrote that in the last post about Austria), but when I saw this strange thing in the third photo, I forgot about the pain.

Austria VIIAustria VIIAustria VIIAustria VIIAustria VIIAustria VII

Before I started photographing a lot, I was often writing poems. I think the main theme still is absurdism or alienation. Someone told me I should write more often again. It might be a good advice. I should put a pen and paper in my bag more often.


Urban surroundings

A selection of photos I took with my fathers Leica M4 during this year. The first four a taken in Utrecht, where I live and the last two I took in the dunes where I collected dung and plants for a research.

Urban surroundingsUrban surroundingsUrban surroundingsUrban surroundings
Urban surroundingsUrban surroundings

I find these patterns and repetitions in human made landscapes very interesting.