Morocco IV

// down the valley and a visit to another village

Morocco IVMorocco IVMorocco IVMorocco IV

One of the days we visited a school, where the children just had a French lesson in which they sang Frère Jacques. After the lesson we sang Frère Jacques in Dutch and two other Dutch children's songs, which was much fun because the children in the class could sing along with us after two times.

Although also in Morocco it was wintertime and the high Atlas mountains were covered with snow (and a lot of Moroccan people wore warm underpants), the almond trees blossomed as if winter didn't exist. We saw butterflies and bees. Ha, but the marigold on my balcony is flowering the whole winter. (By the way, I would like to nice balcony garden this year. Do you have any tips? I already have a lot of pots and wire mesh for climbers.) I haven't felt snow this winter, the lakes and ditches haven't been frozen, so it feels as if autumn is still here, or maybe we can call it spring. Nevertheless, it was very relaxing to feel the warmth of the sun on our skins.

The dogs belonged to nobody (or to anybody), so maybe no one will grieve if one dies in the river.

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  1. I feel so sad for that dog!
    On the other hand, it's beautiful to see colours and flowers even in the middle of the winter - astonishing!
    Unfortunately I cannot give any advice on plant keeping - it seems that I'm very bad at it...


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